Floral Design



Floral Design. FABRIC MARKET water mark will not be printed on Fabric.

Fabric is printed to order, may take up to 10 days from date of order.

 Printed on Medium weight Gabardine. If you want other fabric bases, just contact us. 

Artwork designed by:

Tamarah Goupil/Aanakwad Gallery

A young Ojicree artist from the northern shores of Lake Superior. The art is heavily influenced from her family, a mix of both linework and Ojibwe woodland art styles. Growing up in the reserves of Northern Canada, I witnessed and experienced a lot of hardships in any form you could think of. Art was my way of escaping the harsh realities of life. Due to this, I have been creating since I was 6 years old. I harnessed my talent through pen and paper, later turning to other mediums such as paint, tattoo, and digital work. It wasn't until my father passing from brain cancer, and the birth of my son, that I decided to help other people with my art. Creating pieces to bring awareness to issues we face at a personal and multinational level. My art, as simple as it may seem, usually tells a story. That story though, is up to you to interpret and connect with.